Which player/s would you prefer to see in Juventus next season?

Friday, 3 June 2011

Pirlo and Ziegler. Thoughts?

In my opinion great acquisitions, Pirlo > Aquilani and saves us money too. Ziegler.. Depth in left back with De Ceglie and himself? Wow. That hasn't happened in a while. What do you guys feel about the recent signings? Comment away

Monday, 9 May 2011

So Milan are the Champions.

Well deserved in my opinion, finally Merda's streak is over an I don't see them winning another for a while either. Ibrahimovic on the other hand, 8 in a row, that is impressive, has it ever been done before at such a high level? I can't think of any others off the top of my head. Fingers crossed for us tonight, I will be doing a follow-up of the game, sorry for the lack of activity I have been busy with Easter holidays and such.

Feel free to comment on A.C's triumph, Ibrahimovic, or anything Juventus

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Bored. Assignment due at uni tomorrow need help procrastinating, comment something interesting

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Potential January Transfers in

Hi guys, just a quick poll wondering as to who you would like to see in Juventus next season from the available players we have been linked to. Post your comments and feedback on the poll results here.

Chelsea VS Manchester United - 2nd Leg Champions league 13/04/2011

Okay so first of all I would like to say welcome to all my new viewers (of course you will be all new as this is my first post). Anyways can't sleep tonight so I decided to stay up and watch some champions league, first up, Chelsea vs Manchester United.

Thoughts on the game as it happens
  • Ferdinand is so fragile lately, age seems to have gotten the better of him.
  • I don't like the white uniforms the referee's are wearing at all, I don't know if it is some psychology trick for them to be seen in a more positive light or something along those lines but it just doesn't sit right with me.
  • Torres is looking quite dangerous in the air lately since moving to Chelsea, about the only thing that's going for him at the moment.
  • Surface looks fine but players are slipping everywhere, Ferdinand is really struggling here.
  • Brilliant run from Malouda followed up by an average finish by Lampard which VDS easily deals with. That was a pretty good chance wasted there.
  • Soft yellow for O'Shea, not needed to hand one out there in my opinion..
  • Ref has a bit of a slip as Carrick loses his boot, Park Ji Sung losing a fair amount of blood from a cut just above his eye
  • Anelka nearly scores a nice volley as Torres shanks one
  • The Mexican Inzaghi has a goal chalked off for being offside
  • VDS with a pretty decent tackle on Anelka, risky stuff there
  • Nani's step overs are getting pretty ridiculous but its been pretty effective thus far
  • Hernandez cops a nasty elbow to the head
  • Wicked pass from Giggs, Hernandez will most certainly enhance his reputation with that
  • Vidic is single handedly defending here, Chelsea need to smarten up if they want to score
  • Ramires is sent off, goodnight Carlo
  • Game over?!? Park Ji Sung with an instant reply
And that's it. Manchester United have won 2-1, 3-1 on aggregate, Torres remains goalless and Ancelotti's future at Chelsea is in serious doubt now.